The installations:

Acquainted with the night (a distant memories wall)_ typescript with Olivetti Lexikon 80 on carbon paper and dressmaker tracing paper, 2015

The work consists of various texts on  carbon paper sheets. The  poem Acquainted with the night by Robert Frost is written many times, the words play with the poems by Jorge Luis Borges, from the book In Praise of Darkness. The words appear reversed and in relief, as reabsorbed by the silence, almost imperceptibly in white. An absence of voices, movement as in the play “Act sans paroles” by Samuel Beckett.

Calcografie  copper plates, beeswax, neon lights, wooden shapes for hats, variable size, 2013

Fifty copper plates etched with signs and tonal areas recreate a floor or a roof in the area between two large nineteenth-century wardrobes.

è andata via (she’s gone)_ typescript with Olivetti Lexikon 80 on dressmaker tracing paper, white clothes, 2013

The typed sentences flow evoking a stream of consciousness, light and shadow, presences and absences, resonating with poems and words of Costantino Kavafis, Dino Campana and Eugenio Montale as well. All the writings talk about traveling and going away.

Writings on art_ etching on Arches paper, 3 sheets,  70×110 cm, 2016

The words are drawn from the theoretical writings of Fernando Melani, the artist who in the mid-40s adhered to abstract painting. The pieces are studies and reflections on the function of images and on art progress. The text etched on zinc plates returns to its readable shape printed on the press on black paper: an attempt to update and pay homage to an artist who was also a theoretic, precursor of concrete art.

Un-dressing codex (an etichal story) _ adhesive text on glass, circa 100 x 70 cm, 2017

An ethical formula to restore a personal and social balance: reduce the exaggerated ego with the scissors and drip into the small bottles containing the 3 essentials. Only the will to change can favor a positive improvement of society. People can start relaxing and thinking about how to live better, in the sense of having a greater sense of responsibility and awareness of the real facts of the world

Malombra (Le parole, la notte loro si misuri a secoli, a piramidi, ad ere)” – typescript with Olivetti Lexikon 80 on carbon paper and graphite paper, 2013

The texts are all the poems in the book of Jorge Louis Borges In Praise of Darkness and part of Italian writer Antonio Fogazzaro book Malombra.