Tempo di pietra – 2015 – durata 2’59

The video is freely inspired by Marco Peano’s novel The invention of the Mother, (Ed.Minimum Fax).

La casa – 2015 – durata 3’31

The entrance to the house / inner world rich in movie suggestions between nightmares and gloom. Fictitious time revised in the light of experience, the words spoken in Albanian language are related to distant feelings, to a familiar but not comprehensible speech.

Killer loop – 2015 – durata 1’24

The video repeatedly reproduces the image of a pendulum attraction with psychobilly music that leads to compulsive joy moments and festive hallucination.

La regina della casa Queen of the house (pink lady’s slipper) – 2015 – durata 1’39

The subtitle plays with the English word “lady’s slipper” (name given to a kind of orchid) and the term slipper. A humorous and sensual vision of the home environment rich in floral decorative elements between dream and hallucination.

A subsidiary consequence – 2013 – durata 1’35

Mass tourism with its secondary consequences: horrible items for sale everywhere, improvised vendors of false brands, the visit only at the cities’symbols  in a collective rituals for the race to the “I’ve been there”.

One day – 2013 – durata 2’08

Probably a whole day in 2 minutes, between movies atmospheres and climate change, a cycle of human seasons reduced to a minimum.